Development of
functional adhesive material

Development of the next generation organic/inorganic hybrid adhesive technology for electronic material

KNW technology institute is progressing a development of materials to overcome the limit of silicone adhesive which is a representative organic/inorganic hybrid adhesive.

Applied area

- Optical protection film, OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive), OCR(Optically Clear Resin) and display
- Various industrial tapes

Optical protection film

Silicone OCA/OCR

Development Trend

Next generation organic/inorganic hybrid adhesive

It is a project of developing denaturating silicone adhesive most desired as the next generation organic/inorganic hybrid adhesive. KNW technology institute is actively progressing a development of high value added denaturating silicone adhesive.

- Carrying advantages of silicone adhesive
- Rather upgraded optical features
- Overcoming low mechanical material property, a disadvantage of silicone adhesive